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Step wedges

June 3, 2019

ongoponton asked: Hey Toni i saw the sections of Christopher James book and Christina Andersons book that included you.i found you on medium and read all of your posts. I am just doing some tricolor tests usually jump right in to the most complicated and work backwards. I just had a question about your digital step wedges did you custom make these or are they available online someplace?

I make my own step wedges. Send me an email at gonoma@mac.com and I can email you the wedges I’m using

Difference between Ammonium and Potassium Dichromate

March 31, 2019

darkroom-dave asked: Hey Tony, I was curious about the differences between potassium bichromate and ammonium bichromate and why you use the later.

I find the Potassium Dichromate doesn’t dissolve as well as the Ammonium Dichromate.  Apparently, Potassium Dichromate produces less contrast but I can control the contrast in my print by varying the ration of Gum Arabic to Sensitizer using Ammonium Dichromate.