Step wedges

June 3, 2019

ongoponton asked: Hey Toni i saw the sections of Christopher James book and Christina Andersons book that included you.i found you on medium and read all of your posts. I am just doing some tricolor tests usually jump right in to the most complicated and work backwards. I just had a question about your digital step wedges did you custom make these or are they available online someplace?

I make my own step wedges. Send me an email at and I can email you the wedges I’m using

Difference between Ammonium and Potassium Dichromate

March 31, 2019

darkroom-dave asked: Hey Tony, I was curious about the differences between potassium bichromate and ammonium bichromate and why you use the later.

I find the Potassium Dichromate doesn’t dissolve as well as the Ammonium Dichromate.  Apparently, Potassium Dichromate produces less contrast but I can control the contrast in my print by varying the ration of Gum Arabic to Sensitizer using Ammonium Dichromate.

Step tablets

August 21, 2018

fallingkind asked: Hello there Tony, I am an Photo/art Grad student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi University, my name is Joshua Dancause. I am such a fan of your brilliant work with Gum bichromates. I have been researching your workflow and stumbled upon your Tumblr through youtube. I found that someone had asked you about your registrations marks and step tablets and how they were made etc. In your post you had mentioned if they emailed you, you would send them a tiff file, could you do the same for me? Best, Josh

Thank you.  Send me an email and I can email you the TIFF files.