Gum techniques

February 15, 2012

fotodude asked: Hi Tony and thanks for sharing many of your Gum techniques. I do have two questions.1) It seems you use six layers for a gum print? Two cyanotypes plus yellow plus red plus blue pigment plus lamp black. If true why the “three” blue type layers and two passes with cyanotype? Your results are incredible.2) Do you develop the print in the “conventional” gum way by placing face down in water for 20 or 30 minutes? Thanks for any comments you provide. Terry Glass, Tipp City OH

Thanks for your interest in my process.  Using the old cyanotype formula, I do two layers of cyanotype in the beginning to enhance the D-max in the print as well as to add detail (one layer of cyanotype may be fine too).  Afterwards, I add the layers of gum with magenta, yellow and cyan (three layers with each color).  Although some of my students stop after the second layer of M, Y & C, I prefer a third layer for deeper shadow tones and greater depth in the print.  I do still development face down for no more than 30 minutes.

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