February 13, 2012

allkimik asked: Hello Sir, you cannot imagine the energy and the momentum that this blog fed me last weeks. I wasn’t so pleased with my experimentations with gum, but after reading your material it was like a fresh start for me. I still do some stuff that I found out on my own, and I print my negatives on plain paper. Here in Romania the acces to materials is very difficult. And here come the question: what paper do you like the most? What papers did you used during the many years of doing this? Thank you a lot

Thanks.  Since I started printing gum over ten years ago, the paper I’ve been using (and continue to use) is Rives BFK, white, 250 grams, mould-made, 100% cotton, PH neutral, 22×30.  It’s available at New York Central in Manhattan.

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