Gum:Sensitizer ratios

August 4, 2015

windeking asked: I have a few questions about your calibration technique. Did you calibrate for each color? When you did the calibration, how did you determine how long to expose the step wedge? Did you do multiple exposures with the different ratios of gum to sensitizer? In the third set of exposures of your workflow, you say to expose just long enough to achieve tone in step three, but you already have tone up to step eight from set 2. Am I misunderstanding something? Thanks Alan

The exposure times are a result of experiments with different gum:sensitizer ratios with multiple layers.  The exposure time, development and ratio I use are the same for all three colors–with the exception of cyan where I tend to use a slightly shorter exposure time (about 15-30 secs shorter) than the yellow and magenta.  The third set is a short exposure which adds additional color and tone in the shadows for enhanced D-max.  Hope this helps.  Tony

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