Looking for step #3 in the third set

November 12, 2012

davidh47-blog asked: Hello Tony,I really like your work and your openness. Thank you. In part 2 of printing the negative you say that you expose and develop until you see a slight density in step 8. However in part 3 you expose and develop for slight density in step 3. How do you measure this if you have previously fully exposed that step (or am I being stupid :?) ) . Once again, thank you for sharing. David

Excellent question.  While the print is developing and still wet, I hang the print from one corner and inspect the step tablet.  In areas of exposed gum, the print is glossy and where the print releases the gum the print has a more matte surface (usually within about 30 second–be careful not to let the print dry too much until you’re ready to finish developing).  I look at the print from an angle where I can see the light reflected.  Hope this helps.  Tony

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