February 29, 2012

nonetodate asked: On your 1 Nov 2011 post concerning preparing “The Image for Multichannel” you mentioned you adjust the image for color balance (-35 Cyan and ? for Yellow). You also mention that you boost the saturation by 30%. On your 25 Jan 2012post regarding your “Gum Bichromate Workflow 2012” it states the Cyan layer is changed by -25 and saturation is boosted by 30%. Do you still modify the yellow by a certain %? Why do you do this on the image? Do you use the same amounts per ever image? Thanks!

I’m now going with the new adjustments of -25 C and +30 on the saturation and leaving the Y alone.  I modify the image to compensate for how it changes after you apply the Multichannel so that the print ends up having the same saturation and color balance of the original image. Yes, I have been and will be using the same amount for every photograph.

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