Problems with sizing

June 6, 2013

pmutti-blog asked: I am having problems with all my prints developing a crackled surface, but the paint doesn’t flake off. I am using Rives BFK paper and Gamblin PVA for sizing. Do you know what is causing this problem? When you use gelatin for sizing do you have to use any additional hardening agents? I would appreciate any ideas to solve the problem. Thank you, pmutti

It sounds like a sizing issue which what may be causing the staining you’re having.  After sizing with Knox Gelatin I will harden the gelatin using Glyoxal.  I haven’t used the Gamblin PVA for sizing.  Christopher James combines the Glyoxal with his gelatin to size and harden in one step.  You can check out my post on sizing for more detailed information on my process.  Hope this helps.  Tony

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