Step tablets

April 23, 2012

pleasekillmenowforiamworthless asked: Hi, I am a student at Utah State and I am hoping you can give me a few tips. I have been looking at your workflow for negatives and I am wondering where you got the files for your registration marks and the step tablets? I have been having a hard time with registration and I am looking for a better method. Second, I am using a NUARC machine for exposure, do you have any experience with those units? I am trying to nail down a good exposure time for each layer.

I found the registration marks I use online years ago and I make my own step tablets in Photoshops by combining layers of rectangles filled with different percentages of black ink to correspond to the outputs of my curve.  If you send me an email  I can send you TIFF files of the registration marks and step tablets.  I haven’t used a NUARC machine for exposure for gum printing.  However, I tell my students to test and base their exposure times on the steps on the step tablet since everyone’s exposure unit and development method is different.

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