Ammonium vs Potassium Dichromate

October 1, 2015

breadkenty asked: … Also how do you feel about the difference between Ammonium Dichromate vs Potassium Dichromate? After working with the Potassium for a while, I’ve noticed that it gets really messy and muddy when you go any more than 4 layers. I noticed that even with Mr.Gonzalez’s first round of tricolor layers, the image seemed to lack detail and tone, but with the potassium formula you maximize the full tones, contrast, and color by the first round (Cyanotype, M, Y, and C layers). What are your thoughts?

I’ve been using the Ammonium Dichromate for over 10 years–that’s what I’ve used for all my tests and I’m pleased with the way the prints come out in color, tone and density .  I experimented with the Potassium Dichromate once and had terrible results.  So, I decided to stick with what I know.

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