Paper weight

October 1, 2015

breadkenty asked: Hi Tony, thank you for all the previous advice regarding gum printing. I am now in the process of putting together a show with twenty to thirty 14x20in prints from the same negative repeating across the gallery space (like Warhol). I start to consider price and efficiency when working with many prints. I switched from Arches Platine to Artistico Fabiano 140lb and noticed the paper is a lot weaker and prone to tearing. I considered BFK but that is still a bit pricy. What would you recommend?

Yes, I think the 140lb weight may not be heavy enough.  I use the 250 gram Rives BFK and that seems to hold up ok.  In the past I’ve tried the Lana Aquarelle paper with limited success.  I’m not sure how the cost for the Lana compares with the Rives or the papers you’re using.

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