Ammonium vs Potassium Dichromate

May 25, 2013

rabiephotography asked: Hey thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and amazing art ( your results are brilliant!) I am keen to give it a try and was wondering if you can talk about the sensitizing process as I need to order the chemistry; not sure whether to use ammonium dichromate or potassium dichromate ? (and what’s the difference in terms of use). Thank you!

Thanks. I’ve been using Ammonium Dichromate for my sensitizer for over ten years. Christopher James prefers the Potassium Dichromate and says it gives less contrast than the Ammonium Dichromate. I once tried (unsuccessfully) using Potassium Dichromate a couple of years ago, but since all of my research and results are based on using Ammonium Dichromate, I’d decided to stick with what I know. Photographer’s Formulary also requires additional paperwork to be submitted when ordering Potassium Dichromate. Hope this helps. 

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