Color management

April 22, 2013

senojev-deactivated20171203 asked: Great work to which I aspire! Thanks for sharing all of your experience with the masses who struggle to achieve your results. I have almost finished reading your Journal and have a question on the March 27, Color Management note. You say that you increase the cyan hue by 30-45 and saturation by around 30. In an earlier note, you note that you used Color Balance. Am I correct in adjusting the cyan in Hue and Saturation? My Color Balance adjusts hue in shadow, mid & HLights.

I first adjust the Cyan: >Image>Adjustments>Color Balance.  I slide the arrow towards the Cyan aprox. -35 or so (it will appear as -35 in the left Color Levels window) keeping he “Tone Balance” at “Midtones”.  I then adjust the Hue/Saturation: >Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation.  I slide the Saturation arrow +30 or so.  Finally I Multichannel: Image>Mode>Multichannel.  Hope this helps.  Tony

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