Printing the black layer

September 25, 2014

tylerjacobsen asked: Hi Tony, Your gum bichromate prints are beautiful! I’m a photographer and I’m going to start making gum prints. Your blog has been very informative. I do have a question; For the k or black exposure (layer) which neg are you using? In your description of making digital negs (invert, convert to multicolor, split channels), I get 3 separate files, cyan, magenta, and yellow, but no gray channel.

Thanks for the compliment.  For printing black, I use the “C” negative with a short exposure at the very end with WN Lamp Black.  I do three color separations to produce cyan, yellow and magenta negatives. There is no gray negative.  Some people prefer to do four color separations to get cyan, yellow, magenta and a black negative.  All of the test I’ve done for my prints have been with the three color (C,Y and M) negatives.  Hope this helps.  


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