Time between coating layers

November 20, 2014

breadkenty asked: Hi Tony, I’m very very impressed with your Gum Prints and I wanted to ask you a couple of things. Is it absolutely necessary and important to let each coat to cure for 24 hours before coating another? is it possible to force dry using a blow dryer in between the process? As for the curves, will the curve that you used in your process work with all other kinds of gum prints? I am having some difficulties using the curve calculator to find the correct curves for each CYM-layer. Thanks in advance!

No, it’s not necessary to let each coat cure for 24 hours.  I usually work on three prints at a time and will coat the next layer as soon as the previous layer is dry (typically about 20-30 minutes).  I wouldn’t recommend using a blow dryer as it may cause unwanted effects on the current layer.  I will let each print drip dry from one corner and then will let it hang by clipping two corners with two fans perched in front of a dehumidifier.  This achieves the same purpose as the blow dryer without the potential damage to the layer.  The curve I use for the color separated negatives are the same I use for single negative printing.  Hope this helps.


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